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The Lost Year

One of the hardest parts of my recovery post-cancer has been coming to terms with what I have deemed “the lost year”. The year I spent receiving chemo, in and out of the hospital, and too tired to do anything but lay in bed

Roger Daltrey Battles Teen Cancer

January 30, 2017

Roger Daltrey says his support of teens with cancer is The Who's way of saying "Thanks".

Pam Simon

January 26, 2017

Why do young people going through cancer need special treatment? What are their unique challenges? Hear what Pam Simon, Program Manager at Stanford Adolescent Young Adult Cancer Program, has to say.

The Indomitable Joy of Stephanie Alberts

January 23, 2017

A loving tribute to a long-time friend of Teen Cancer America and the Teenage Cancer Trust, Stephanie Alberts who sadly passed away last year. In December, a sizable donation was made by TCA's newest corporate partner, Circle K convenience stores, in her honor.


A Call To Action